About Steve Hogben

The Steve Hogben Photography Group are leaders in the field, offering the finest level of architectural commercial photography available in the industry. The Hogben Group has gained acclaim for their exceptional talents and ability to balance technical expertise and creative design. Through the camera lens they are able to capture the perfect shot for any project. The Steve Hogben Group is the creative eye that turns architecture into photographic wonders.

A native of Canada who grew up in Hamilton, Ontario; Steve began his career as a professional photographer soon after relocating to Atlanta in the 1970’s. A U.S. citizen and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Steve is justifiably proud that he is a self-taught specialist in the field of architectural interior & exterior photography.

His passion is as big today as it was when he bought his first camera and took up photography as a hobby. Always researching, Steve began employing the digital format in the early 1990’s, long before it came into vogue. This is just one indicator of Steve’s desire to remain one of the most respected, cutting edge and sought-after photographers in the industry.

In addition to "Southern Gardens" and "Homes of the South," Steve and writer Norman Shavin collaborated on the book "Building Atlanta," a New York Times best-seller.

Steve’s photos have appeared on the covers of "Southern Living" and "Southern Accents" and inside the pages of "Atlanta," "Southern Homes," "Architectural Digest," "Unique Homes," "Professional Builders," Home & Garden," and "Home" as well as other numerous national and regional publications.

Steve is an active member of the American Society of Magazine Photographers.